Davenport House Museum
Images Courtesy of Historic Savannah Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Price: How much does it cost?

  • (Usually) $18.95 = one package tour

  • This tour; you buy it, you own it, forever,
    Use it, share it with as many people, in your car or home, as you wish.

  • Use it again and again - It's yours.

  • A see through packaged tour contains one colorful map and a talking book (audio cd).
    together they tell you fun, true stories and guide you to places you wish to explore.

How long is the tour?

  • The CD lasts 49 minutes if you sit still and listen from the beginning to the end

  • Depending upon how you use it, the tour can take 2 hours, 2 days, or 2 weeks.
    Savannah has many wonders to behold, You must take time to enter the Civil Rights Museum,
    the Public House Museum, the new Jepson Center for the arts, Synagogues and Churches; Their interiors are exquisite and inspiring.