Images Courtesy of Historic Savannah Foundation

3 Fun Ways to use the Savannah Story Tour


  1. Sit down and relax in your own home. Be an armchair traveler!

Now look at the map. Begin with number 1 at the Visitor Information Center. Do you see the beginning of an arrow-drawn pathway?  Follow it from numbers 1 to 70 as you listen to the audio CD or talking book’s Savannah Story Tour. At the bottom of the map you will find those same numbered locations identified for you by their names.  Do you see them?

Listen to the CD and you will hear what happened and how to drive and walk to places of momentous events.  By listening before your visit, you will probably think, “Yes, I want to go into that place and find out more about it.  And, no, I don’t want to visit the next location.  It just doesn't’t appeal to me.”
See the Map’s reverse side?  It reveals curious events and people of significance. By listening Before your trip to Savannah, you will begin to discriminate and choose which of its many gems you will explore.
Savannah is like visiting a magnificent art, history or nature museum. Don’t rush or hurry from one place to another, for you will be overwhelmed. Take your time and focus happily on several places to enjoy in this multifaceted city’s vibrant life. Turn off the CD/MP3 often, and especially when you’re sick of it! Stop, rest, eat and play, for Savannah is a treasure rich in restful green parks and good food.

  1. Drive the Savannah Story Tour in the comfort of your own car with as many or as few companions as you wish.

To handle weather, traffic, and happiness in general, the driver needs one other person or more to use the map and to turn off and on the CD. This tour is self-paced. Tired? Turn off the CD, stop often, and park whenever you wish. Enter the green squares and any other place that is open, restful, or attractive to you. 
Listen to small bits and pieces. When you hear what happened in one small area, and how to drive to reach and explore that same area of momentous event, and if you want to explore the same, turn off the CD, follow the map and just enjoy ...being…in Savannah. This tour is economical!  You buy only one tour for many people, that is, as many as you want in your car. You also own it for future adventures.  Did you know that one cannot possibly experience all the wonders in one day? The suggestions in the above Armchair Traveler tour are also for The Savannah Story’s Driving Tour. Like the people in this town, be friendly and flexible and life will reward you.

  1. Walk the Savannah Story Tour

Take some good friends along. If occasional unmerciful weather, or heavy traffic on streets, hinders walking, be encouraged to enter a gift shop, restaurant, public museum house, art studio, or find a friend with a car! This is a happy, adventurous way as you literally can stop to smell, touch and enjoy flowers, peek through garden gates, stroll into one of the MANY fine eating establishments and sit down in the green squares or parks any time you wish.
Be certain to help your own touring!  How?  Read directions in the above Armchair Traveler and Car-Driving sections.  How to use the map and CD talking book is explained. This required reading for all tour walkers make the heart glad.


Things to remember:

The map and CD are a couple in harmony with each other and in love with Savannah.  They work in tandem.  Together they tell a story that shows you a world of adventure, despair, sacrifice and courageous rebirth. They are a duet. So, simultaneously, look at the map and listen to the CD each one will help you with the other.  Find on the map number 1 at the Visitor Information Center, and then…turn on the CD. .Listen and turn it off many times.  Listen to bits and pieces and turn it off again and again to think, digest and enjoy a drama rich in beauty and history.  Why?  Incredibly, it’s true.

P. S.
The Map: Do you see number 1 on the left side near W for West, under TURNER Street and in the parking lot of the Visitor Information Center? Find it and focus your eyes, finger and attention on number 1. For that is where the CD will begin its talk. Listen to the CD as it tells what happened in Savannah when a young English leader and his group of men, women, children and animals arrived on their little ship in 1733’s winter. Do you know what the Indian Chief and his people did to them?Listen and learn about other nationalities of struggling and diverse individuals. Slaves hid by day in order to escape to freedom by night. Pirates unexpectedly arrive. Do you know of the people, poor and rich, who gave of themselves to save Savannah during the American Revolution War, yellow fever, fires, slavery, the Civil War, segregation and economic depression?

Travel at your own pace. Enjoy. Listen to small bits and pieces. Turn it off frequently.
Savannah is a treasure. Cherish it.

Note: The Savannah Story Tour CD can be easily converted to a MP3/MP4/WMA file for uploading to your favorite personal digital player.