Images Courtesy of Historic Savannah Foundation

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Travel & Leisure Magazine lists Savannah, Georgia as one of the top ten cities to visit in the continental U.S. and Canada. To experience unforgettable architecture, music, food, history and beauty, people are flocking to this southern seaside.

How did a tired economically depressed town turn into an attractive, photogenic area of happily restored homes and work places interspersed with relaxing green public squares?  What miracle has turned a lame duckling into such a beautiful swan? And, can you really find out what happened behind those once closed doors and garden gates? Yes, you can!

Explore hidden struggles and exciting truth ...about ...Savannah... in a new quality tour package containing a 2008 Map and its audio CD. Together they tell the true Savannah Story.

This tour is fun, dramatic and happy. You move at your own pace and in your own car.
Tired? Stop, eat, play and rest when and where you wish! Walking may also suit you and your companions. Use a car or hand CD player, or load onto your MP3 player. The player and map let YOU tour YOUR way.

This tour is economical! You buy only one tour for many people, that is as many as you want in your car.

A keepsake souvenir, you own it for future adventures. Did you know that one cannot possibly experience all of the wonders in one day?
The CD and Map are a veritable gold mine to which you can listen again and again in Your Own Home before and after visits to Savannah.

And the listening is enjoyable! You will easily be able to make plans for your trips that are both practical and custom designed for YOUR own deep values and investigation interests.

How can you recognize and buy "The Savannah Story" tour? Easily! It's packaged in an attractive see through plastic bag with a strong paper heading that reads "Savannah In Miniature". In it you see a three colored map and its audio CD. Together they will take you on true, exciting explorations. When you open the re-sealable bag and look at the map's reverse side, you behold the stately Indian chief Tomochichi, great friend of the young English leader, Oglethorpe. Their inspiring relationship made possible the founding of Georgia.
The Map and CD tell visitors and residents fascinating secrets about Savannah.